Monday, November 14, 2011

The Boredom Affliction

Today was boring. Really boring. It was so dreadfully boring that if you sat down and watched professional golf on TV, you still wouldn't be as bored as I was today. This probably has something to do with the fact that I was nice and decided to let my brother play Skyrim today. Now I'm suffering withdrawal.

Yesterday, I was Arcus, the necromacer scourge of Tamriel. I could raise the dead with one hand and conjure a blade of pure magic with the other. People would explode in a cloud of red vapor at the mere sight of how awesome I was.

Today, I'm Kier, the pasty, white scourge of no one. I have a cat named Cuddles, and she loves me... sometimes. I also have an imaginary pet seahorse who lives at the park. He lets me ride him.


Yesterday, people ran screaming in fear, hoping against hope that I would spare them. Today, people still run, but for different reasons.

But I digress. I needed to find a way to pass the time, so I returned to an older game that I've spent a lot of quality time with: League of Legends. It actually helped ease my boredom, but I was interrupted after my first match by a loud whining noise. It was my cat, demanding that she be given food.

Who can say no to that face? Not me.

After I filled her bowl, she rewarded me by rubbing up against my leg and informing me that I was allowed to pet her now. Then, the second I started petting her, she scratched the hell out of my arm. But I couldn't stay mad at her. An open wound is the only way her love particles can enter my bloodstream.

I picked her up, very much against her will, and went back to playing my game with her on my lap. I sat there, with my eyes transfixed on the computer-box for a couple hours, until I realized that dinner was ready. Dinner was tacos.

After eating so many tacos that I spontaneously learned Spanish, me senté a ver algunos televisión. Uh... I mean... I sat down to watch some TV, but after fifteen minutes, I decided that TV wasn't doing it for me either. Then I decided to watch the second Paranormal Activity. That movie was scarier than that one time that I had to carpool with a monster.

Plus, he smoked in my car, and that was not cool.

My mediocre day came to an end with this week's episode of The Walking Dead. Any show with some good ole' fashioned zombie killin' is all right in my book, but this one has something more. Maybe it's because it's a weekly show instead of a movie. There's a lot more time to show what's going on, so it seems more of an accurate representation of how a zombie outbreak would work in real life. Perhaps it's the character Daryl. If I've ever had a man-crush on anyone, it's that guy. Or maybe it's the necklace of ears that Daryl wore tonight. That was pretty special.

                                                          via "The Walking Dead"
© 2011 Kier Harris

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