Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Glow Bowling Excursion (A Photo Documentary)

I drug a few of my family/friends kicking and screaming to go glow bowling with me earlier tonight. For those of you that don't know what glow bowling is, it's like normal bowling but with the normal lights off, black lights on, lasers, and loud music.

Like this, but with more Katy Perry.

People don't usually want to go bowling with me because of how good I am. I've been bowling for seventeen years (since I was three) and my friends have this thing about not liking to be shown up. When I finally guilt enough of them into coming along, a night of fun always ensues. Fun for me at least. 

Let me introduce you to the stars of this saga:
 My Friend, Cody

My sister, Briana (front) and my girlfriend, Emily (back)

And me.

The four of us bowled a couple games together, but my companions soon tired of seeing a repetition of this:

Hey, I never claimed it was good music.

Cody in particular was getting really frustrated. He'd made such good friends with the right gutter that it probably bought him drinks later that night. He'd throw gutter-balls over--

And over---

Cody and Emily kept shooting me dirty looks every time I threw a good shot, and after two games, they threw in the towel and went to play pool.

"Screw those guys and their bowling."

My sister and I kept bowling in spite of our party-pooping friends. We played a couple more games and both did fairly well. Then, as the night drew to a close, the owner turned the lights back on, and Cody returned for a rematch.:

Hey, I never said it was a good rematch.

At one point, I even wound up with a split that looked pretty difficult to make, and I'm pretty sure Cody had to restrain himself from throttling me when I picked it up:

I drove my friends home, grinning from ear to ear, as they fumed in the back seat. I said things like "Did you see it when I......" and "Remember those five strikes in a row?"

Maybe I'm starting to see why my friends never want to go bowling with me. I can be an ass sometimes.

© 2011 Kier Harris


  1. "Remember how i got all those-" Yes. Remember that time I killed you repeatedly with your own gun in Halo 3? Remember [insert other time I beat you in videogames]? Remember that time I nearly broke your head open on a nightstand?"

    ^ That's what this is gonna devolve to... xD

  2. ^
    Let me have this one thing Ethan! Lol.